Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September's Stories Day 29 - Change Takes Time

I wish you guys could see tonight's's a goodie. Unfortunately I can only upload it to instagram off my phone and not my blog. It's of Jamie and me when we were 21. Man we were young.  We were 23 when we got married....I think back now and think about how young we actually were. Plus we thought we were the most in love you could possibly be but boy was I wrong! We love each other a thousand times more now than we did then. There is so much depth there now.  A history and a richness. Definitely been the best time of my life.

Jamie has been at conference for three nights and fours day and while it's not the longest we have been a part. It's not fun but we get there.  I had a meeting today, an all day one which meant getting out of the house with seven kiddies with togs, gumboots, food and for some a change of clothes. I realise that some awesome mamas do this every single day but for this homeschooling mama it's quite an unnatural thing to be doing. I am not going to lie it was a mission and a half. BUT I left only a mere two mins late from my predetermined time. Good effort all round.  All though five mins out of town I had to turn around because I forgotten the nappy bag. Ten minutes wasted...then another five min delay because I had a carsickie. Awesome.....not! But I slid into my seat after dropping the kids off with a mere two mins to spare. Even got a pastry and a coffee before the meeting started. Terribly important.

I enjoyed today's meeting. I am finding my voice more and more. I think what I find frustrating the most is that change takes so long to accomplish because all the boxes have to be ticked along the way. I want to see change now! But I know that at the end of this project the women whose voice I carry and represent will benefit greatly from what we are doing. These people are passionate, all on the same page and determine that there will be a has to be.

I wish I could tell you more but keep watching this space!!!

September's Stories Day 28 -Covered in Spit Ninja Mum

I got a sleep in this morning...boy did I need it. Jayden (13) got up to be with the kids so I could have some more sleep. Bless him. I don't sleep very well when Jamie isn't home. I think that is because I am it and I don't want to miss one of the kids needing me in the middle of the night. He is back tomorrow thankfully. Three nights and four days of solo parenting and I start to go a little crazy or crazier depending on who you are talking to.

I am currently lying here next to Jesse, waiting for him to drop off to sleep....he has only just stopped showering me with spot from his machine gun noises he was practicing. I love him.

An interesting morning as we were presented with a spectacular man vs horse routine in the paddock next door. Horse won by the way. Clover/Lily must of been in a mood because she was chasing her owner and stepping him out. Clearly he was more than a little scared because he was frantically trying to fend her off by hitting her with a bag of no avail. It was pretty funny. She ended up chasing him around the yard and back through the gate.

I am up early tomorrow as I have an all day meeting in the city....yep off to change the face of the Maternity Service and Womens Health. Always enjoy these meetings plus they feed you well and the coffee is good. It will be a mission to get the kids up and dressed, fed and out the door when they have been on cruise mode for the past few weeks. My bestie is looking after them....Bless her. They will have fun.

Ooooo look I think he asleep. Yuss! Now to extract myself.....I should of been a ninja. Xx

Monday, September 26, 2016

September's Stories Day 27 - Crazy Normal Day

Seriously could my day get anymore crazy....

- Oil light is on in the to get oil put in it because I can't find our container of oil.
- Buy large flat white coffee from McDonalds and win an "instant win" $200 voucher. Awesome
- Drop two kids off at friends. Pick a package up from the petrol station that someone has dropped off for me.....I was grilled as to whether I was the correct person like it was a package of serious was ps4 games that a friend dropped off for me....Seriously who else just waltzes into a gas station and asks for a package of os4 games.
- Lose my three year old. Find my three year old running off to the dairy with no pants on and wearing gumboots.  Awesome parenting.
- Pester son who is sick with asthma and a chest infection about taking appropriate medication throughout the day after he invokes another asthma attack after slipping over in the shower and giving himself a fright.
- Chopped wood.
- Upload the three remaining kittens into a buy and sell site and had 29 inquiries in two hours.
- Deliver the last of a lot of meals to a gorgeous new mum....nearly cried on leaving.
- Walk to dairy with little people only to deal with grumpy shopkeeper who needs a sense of humor and to learn what it's like for a near four year getting to choose his own lollies!
- Need to be in two places at once for Loving Arms and trying really hard to do all correspondence on my tiny phone using my data because of no WiFi.
- Find out my awesome $200 voucher that I won is for a "epic "skateboard shop in Australia! EPIC!......not.
- A friend makes us dessert
- Another friend makes us dinner and delivers it along with life- saving chocolate. Thank you!
- Go to super market only to forget half of what I need. Yes I wrote a list AND had it with me.

Is anyone else ready for bed? I am! With chocolate!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

September's Stories Day 26 - Some Things Never Change

Yep somethings never do change....e my washing pile. It's huge today but seeing is we don't have a vast window seat for me to leave it lying around I NEED to fold it quickly or else it gets strewn all over the house. I'll do it tonight after the kids are in bed.

So we are nearly at one week until we need to shift again....and honestly I am not looking forward to it. We don't know where to as of yet but are confident we won't be homeless and something will come up. And seeing as we are quite enjoying our stint in town we are not loathe to move into town. We just need some space.

I hadn't been feeling my usual self for a few days....being tired will do that to you. But an awesome time at night church was refreshing and restoring. I feel much better now.

The kids have discovered that there is a horse next door and have named it Clover or Lily depending on who you talk to. Yes we are in town and there is a horse. Go figure. I am slowly losing all my carrots to Clover/Lily. She will miss us when we are gone.

Short blog tonight as I am running out of data. Loving Arms has been crazy busy of late which normally wouldn't be a problem but it's eating up my data allowance. I have already had to buy extra.

We got rid of two of our kittens today to a LOVELY family who were super excited to have new members of there family. Two down three to go! Yuss!


September's Stories Day 25 - Back to Basics

Seeing our most of our stuff is packed away AND we have no WiFi we are really having to pull out all stops to keep the kids entertained when it's raining especially when it's raining. It's a small house and we are living in each other's pockets. Lucky we like camping and can cope without most everyday things. We can live with two pots, no kitchen whizz and a few plates between us.

Casey walked into town the other day because he was bored and bought a pack of cards seeing ours are packed away. Yes they can walk now and it only takes them ten minutes.
I spent some time teaching him a game that my mum taught me how to play and would play with us from time to time. Now everyone wants to play it.....I think it's called Koon Can or maybe its Gin Rummy. I love it when they get hooked on a game but the thing with that is that they want to play it ever spare moment they have....and want me to play it with them and seeing I don't have as many as spare moments as they do!

But no seriously I do love it! So we are going back to basics around here for a while nothing wrong with that.   Seeing there is no WiFi that means no devices unless your mum and dad with data on their phone. So the younger kids are also digging out the old computer games as's that dont require WiFi. They are great! Maybe I won't tell them when it goes back on...if it ever gets back on!

I hope you enjoy your week! Til tomorrow! Xxx

Saturday, September 24, 2016

September's Stories Day 24 - On Being Judgemental

There is nothing like getting slapped in the face with the reality of our world to make you reflect on one's own life and where you are at.  Loving Arms has provided me such a rich look into the lives of the very people that we share our community with....and I am pretty sure I have only mere scratched the surface of it.

I have been writing a blog in my head for the past two days as I have been reflecting a lot, thinking a lot about the stories of the women and their families I have met over the past two days. It's a piece of writing that will have to written on a computer not a wee phone screen. It will have to wait. BUT I will share this with you...maybe you can relate. When I think about it now it brings tears to my eyes.

Judgemental. It's something none of want to be but most likely on some level are. The bible tells us not to pass judgment on people yet we are programmed to by our upbringing, media and our peers. None of would want to be told we were or dare to admit we were.  Let me ask are we to love and serve we are quick to judge.

I have the pleasure of working with a mum and her sweet baby. I visited her yesterday to drop off a meal. A group of young guys were hanging out in the driveway working on a car. They were a little rough looking, baggy jeans around their legs, smoking and heavy rap music blasting from the car. As I walked up the driveway I felt a little intimidated (by what  I don't know) and said a little prayer " oh Lord please protect me"......what the hang?!    I felt a short sharp "excuse me!" in my spirit.

Where did that come from?  Why did I just set eyes upon a group of people and automatically think I wasn't coming out alive. A little dramatic don't you think?I hadn't even met them or spoken to them. How unfair and so wrong of me.  Its it amazing to think of all the outside influences that cause us to pass judgement without them even uttering a word. I was/am so embarrassed. But thankful that the Lord showed that to me. He calls us to love, to see people how he sees them and love them fully. And you can't do that when you are passing judgement just by looking at them.

There is so much more to that story and I will share it with you when I can get back to being in the 21st century. Please don't think I am saying to go around and not use your God given wisdom but its something to certainly have a think about.

Friday, September 23, 2016

September's Stories Day 23 - You Know it's Friday Night When.....

Yep. You know it's Friday when this is your groove in your house. Disney is playing The Lion King for the little people, it's sausages and chips for dinner, your hubby is out and there is wine in your glass. What a week!!

I had another meeting today.....decidedly soooo much better than the one on Wednesday. Even though there is much work to do to improve the maternity service and care that is provided to the women of Waikato...there is definite improvement in key areas. It's really great to be a part of such a working group that have women and their babies at the centre of their focus.

Loving Arms is working with a mum and her sweet baby boy at the moment. If nothing is has made it more evident of the need for better community INTEREST and CARE in supporting new mums and families. Seeing how much a hot meal, a box of nappies and a friendly face and chat can mean to someone is truly priceless. Plus when you get to see all the cute babies that their mums are so proud to show you....well it really melts the heart.

Tomorrow is Saturday as I am sure you will all know but it's the first day we have had off together with nothing a very very long time. What shall we do? Better make the mostof it....our next one is next Friday or Saturday!

Enjoy your Friday evening xxx