Saturday, August 27, 2016

August Anecdotes Day 27 - Daily Update

I can see why they say in the movie or photography business that you shouldn't work with animals (or children but I think that is a bit mean). Getting a non-blurry photo of this furry friend was near impossible. But that aside....isn't he CUTE! Actually we have cute as wee kittens are a few days shy of four weeks old.  The worst thing about having kittens is having to keep Frankie away from them because as  you can imagine she likes to love them a lot, with all her energy and all her strength...its quite intense really!  So if we want to continue to have five kittens we must keep her away from them. She is however super sneaky and can find her way outside when we aren't looking and heads on into where they are.

Ok ok so I'll admit I really didn't have anything to say tonight. Nothing of any great interest really. I didn't take any inspiring photos to nudge me in the right direction.  We are down two kids tonight and the house is so quiet. It is also getting more and more weird living here. Today I got home to find that Jamie had shifted furniture around, cleaned walls and packed more things away. Pretty soon it will be like we are living in a motel.  So just in case you were all wondering because I am sure some of you are because I get asked it all the our new house hasn't presented itself to us yet. We are still waiting. No more comments on that.

Frankie seems fine from not having now two nights without being fed before bed. I have yet to put her to bed myself yet maybe in a day or two. But she seems to be coping just fine...she just maybe putting her hand down my top to 'touch them', a little more often than she used to.

Til tomorrow night where I hope I more to say....peace out!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

August Anecdotes Day 26 - A Precious Gift

Last night as many of you know I finished breastfeeding after ten years (when you count up all the months and add them together).  It was a momentous occasion for me. Flick back through to yesterdays blog and have a read if you want to.

I had made a joke with Jamie about thinking that the occasion called for a piece of jewelry or a tattoo.  I would never get a tattoo anyway because I don't think it would suit one and I am a bit chicken about the pain.

Anyway last night after the little people were in bed, Jamie came out with a package in his hands and sheepishly presented it to me. I opened it to find a gorgeous necklace with a beautiful pendant. Of course the first thing I did was cry (just a little). He told me that he was proud of me and then thanked me for doing such a wonderful job growing, nourishing and bringing up our children. He said that he knew how difficult this transition was for me and how much I will miss having a baby around and breast feeding. He felt too that it needed a piece of jewelry to mark the occasion.  Of course I spent quite a while sobbing and not being able to speak. (Jamie is very used to that) He also went on to tell me that the ladies in the jewelers teared up too when he told them the reason he was buying me something. Probably the first time they had heard that reason. There is no doubt that I have a very very special, amazing and loving husband. One of the best!! Especially when I know how much of a sacrifice it was for him to buy me this gift.

Thank you for your lovely words, those who took the time to message me. I know that I am not the only one that feel these types of things so deeply.

Hoping that tonight's bedtime will go swimmingly for both Frankie and me and we can move smoothly on to the next stage of our life.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

August Anecdotes Day 25 - The Last Feed EVER!

Be warned breastfeeding post ahead!
Ok tonight is the night. Tonight is the LAST FEED EVER. The last time that I feed Frankie and highly unlikely that I breast feed again. Wow! I am finding it difficult to really put into words how exactly I am feeling. But definitely sad is one feeling.  I have always enjoyed breastfeeding and the closeness to my child that it brings. It is an intimate act and one filled with unconditional love.  I will certainly miss it. Every time I have been pregnant I have always looked forward to being able to breastfeed again. The giving over of part of myself to nourish and nurture another.

I have breast fed for (if you add up all the months) ten years. Ten Years. That is nearly a quarter of my life. I think that is pretty impressive and certainly a good effort.  A pat on the back for me I think.

I am not sure how Frankie will go tomorrow  night. I have been feeding her just before bed for a few weeks in preparation. I know she enjoys this time as much as I do. Just me and her, together. Its been a special time.  So come tomorrow Jamie might have to put her to bed which he has done plenty of times in the past and she has been fine. She will be fine just as I will be too.

The end of an era. I will no longer have to work out whether I can go to something in case I am not back in time to feed. I will no longer have to plan what I am going to wear for ease of access. Times are changing and I'll have to get used to it.

I am looking forward to going away in a few weeks with some fabulous women to a conference. I am looking forward to be able to hang out with my bestie for the weekend sometime soon. Silver-lining and all.

Please excuse the photo..not the most attractive pic of me but hey I was ready for bed!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

August's Anecdotes Day 24 - Downtime

I have been trying really hard lately to feed me. No not with food I certainly do not need to try hard with comes all to easy. I love food. I also actually love to read. Growing up I would read well into the night, every single night. But like I said lately its something I don't have a lot of time for. And when I do read its usually a teaching or leadership or church type of book. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all. But I really do enjoy a good novel.  I went through a period of time where I would get frustrated with novels and struggled to find a good book with a strong story-line and equally strong characters. It also seemed as though every book I picked up someone would die and I hate that.  So I took myself off to the library and got some books out and have been making an effort to read a novel in my downtime. Not that I have a lot of it but its all about making in happen.

I usually read while I am putting Frankie down to sleep during the day and have always read doing this. Now when she is getting ready to bed she says "book" which means I have to get my book and take her to bed. By golly she is so cute.

So the book of choice at the moment is a novel by one of my favourite Christian authors. She usually does series but this is just a stand alone novel of hers and completely different from her others. Actually one of my all-time favourite and life changing series is by her - "The Red River Series". I have read it about three times and could easily read it again.

So I stole a few moments over a cup of coffee this afternoon to read a few more chapters. OH Hello me...I have missed you!!

Monday, August 22, 2016

August's Anecdotes Day 23 - My Favourite Tree

I spent a lot of time reflecting today.  For one thing what has been our home for eight years no longer feels like our home anymore. We are so much in limbo, there is so much packed away and so much we can't do its a little sad and feels very weird.  Take the past few days for instance, its been sunny and warm and beautiful. Its been leaning itself towards getting out in the garden to pull of few weeds or prepare for spring planting. Of course we can't do this for we are preparing to leave. I am sad.

I don't really like change all that much but apparently its something I need to learn to embrace as I certainly been given loads of opportunities over the past few years to learn to love it.  I am not feeling like that just yet and certainly not today.

I am however determined to past this test with flying colours (and boy I am certainly being tested) because I do not want to be having to sit this test again.  So I am aiming for an A++

This is one of my favourite trees. Is that weird that I have a favourite tree? I can see it from the lounge and the dining room. I also get to gaze at it while sitting on the deck in the sun. I truly was breath-taken at its blazing red beauty during sunset and the closure of the day.

To be honest I have been struggling with continuing on with reaching my goal of blogging everyday for a year. Part of me needs to reach my goal and the other part finds it overwhelming and at times I am at a loss for what to share. I don't feel overly interesting at times. But I will carry on for now because I really do appreciate you all and the encouragement, support and comments I get from you. You are all inspiring and beautiful in all very different ways. xxx

August's Anecdotes Day 22 - Dessert

You know how some people are just super talented at making good looking food.  Food that you can taste before even tasting it. Food that makes you want to dive in and forget that you are suppose to be being good. Well good went way out the window tonight! Check this out! Yummy!! Actually yummy doesn't even do this was so good, there are no words.

I think she named it a 'Deconstructed Lemon Meringue Pie' and it was presented in a giant vase. Oh boy....I didn't think I had room for dessert after dinner (and seconds....a little on the greedy side I know) but after seeing this well what is a girl to do. Say no? I don't think so!

We had a casual potluck dinner for the ladies at church tonight. Bring your favourite dinner or dessert type of thing. Fortunately there was just as many mains as desserts so it was an even spread.  A lovely night had my all I believe.  I think food always relaxes and brings out the best and the greediness in people.

Seriously some people are just super amazing in the kitchen and I am always envious of what comes out of their kitchens. Especially when it looks like this!!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

August's Anecdotes Day 21 - I am a Cry Baby

Does anyone else here cry at EVERYTHING? Like I mean EVERYTHING? From ads on TV, to Olympic races, amazing preaching, cute as comments on Facebook posts to Christmas parades to stories that you read your kid,s to video clips, to instagram posts, to books especially when they end because I may miss the characters.   I cry at anything and everything. The kids are no longer surprised at or get upset at me crying nor is my husband. Its just me.  I cry at beauty like this sunset yesterday. Wasn't it stunning? Again I will miss it. But LONG to see a new sunset whereever our house will be.

I just need to think of precious friendships and how much they mean and I tear up. Seriously some days I do not know how I function as an adult. I think I may cry more than my nearly two year old. Is this normal? Please say yes.

Sunday. What a beauty of a day! I spent some of the afternoon basking in the winter sun reading the word seeing I was in the creche at church today. I enjoyed my time and oh the sun. I definitely got a fill of Vitamin D today.

How was your Sunday? Did you have sun? Please tell me that you too cry because you finish a book and may miss the characters!