Sunday, October 23, 2016

Our October Day 24 - For Those Less Fortunate

You know I think the best thing to do when you are feeling sorry for yourself. Time with and talking to God and helping someone else. Both things take your mind off what is happening around you and your circumstances and puts your focus on the greatest source strength there is and on to others than might be in a worse situation than you.

Today I spent some time with a beautiful lady sorting and tidying the Loving Arms container.  Clothes to put away, blankets to fold, toys to go through, space to find and a wee bundle to pack up and pass on to another gorgeous mother-to-be.   The best bit about today was getting to spend it with a lady that I usually only connect with via Facebook messenger. So hanging out with her in person was so lovely and it makes the job of all that sorting so much more fun.

Right now I cannot spend too much time in my head....I tend to think about and reflect on things way too much and for me that leads me into a unsettled space. So having some time to focus on something completely different, something that is only a benefit to someone else is good, its what I need to do.

Loving Arms has been exceedingly busy over this past 28 days...helping out 9 mothers or mothers-to-be.  Some of their stories are really heart-breaking and reduces me to tear when I talk about them. To know that we are truly making a difference in someones...some peoples lives is an indescribable feeling. Serving them as if we would serve our very best so they feel valued, loved and worthy.

 Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon. The LORD will guide you continually, giving you water when you are dry and restoring your strength. You will be like a well-watered garden, like an ever-flowing spring. - Isaiah 58:10-11

Our October Day 23 - Unsettled

Not sure what to call today's blog. Actually I am not even sure what to write about. I feel quite overwhelmed and unsettled tonight.....I think perhaps things are catching up on me. That's OK I guess.....can't be all rosey all the time ah?
Fortunately for us here in New Zealand it's a long weekend....yeeh-hah! And bonus it's sunny. That means I get an extra day with hubby.
Someone informed me that its just nine weeks to Christmas! Say whaat! I am so not ready for does one even think Christmas when we are not even settled? Kids don't care though it's only NINE weeks until Christmas baby. We have a birthday in the family in two weeks....I have been wondering where we will be and if we will get to do family birthday traditions. Frankie is turning two can you believe?! My baby.....two! She has grown so fast and boy is she lucky that she gets to be the baby of such a big family.....everybody loving on her!
This guy.....Thomas Peter....I feel like I haven't seen much of him lately seeing we are staying with his best friend. So when I do get a rare hug or fist pump I am cherishing it all the more. Love his handsome face so much!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Our October Day 22 - No Normal

I realised the other day that we actually have no normal anymore. Our entire lives have been stripped back and turned upside down that all sense of normal no longer exists. Think about that for a normal. The things you normally do, your routines, the way you do life are no longer. It truly is very strange. If I wasn't flexible enough I jolly well am now. I think my understanding of what it truly means to align myself, trust and rely on God for just my everyday. That can only be a good thing....right?
I have often talked about my kids and how for the most part I am blown away at how they have handled this crazy life we are living at the moment. They trust us.....they truly have their lives in our hands and they trust us. They are not worried about anything. Sure they must think.....well this is a little odd but they trust us. A childlike's the example that we have been given to arrive for in our own relationship with God. This is how we are to trust Him.

Yes we are all handling this time in limbo very well but sometimes it does all get a bit much and tears come and tantrums are thrown (by the kids! ) Frankie the other was not having a good day at all and was very sad all day. This is where I found her after she got upset at me......yes lying in the empty bath with the cat who I might add is so not affection but she is determine to change that in him. She loves him and will often feed him whether he wants it or not and will sit on the floor next to him while he eats. So cute! 

Happy Saturday night people xx

Friday, October 21, 2016

Our October Day 21 - Quality Time

What do pink and silver jandels, a pink.clip board, a white board framed in pink and a packet of six silver earrings all have on common? Any guesses?  They are all things that Kaitlyn (9) brought with her own money when I took her out for some quality time this morning.  Being one of seven kids, time alone with Mum or Dad can be very hard to get. More often than not at least one other sibling ends up joining in or coming along with them.  Kaitlyn had been asking for a few days to go 'shopping' with me after I brought home some new earrings.  So today we found some time that would work for both Jamie and I and I took her out, just her and went shopping to spend her very own money.

We had a lovely time wandering around the shop, looking and carefully choosing each item, adding them up to make sure she had enough and if she would get change. She really really wanted to get change...not because she didn't want to spend all her money but to actually get change back in her hand.

So here are the really cool pink and silver jandels....she wears them with pride. And seeing her happy makes me happy too.

I have another Mother Daughter date coming up Sophie has seen her sister go out and have a great time and come back with exciting things, she wants a turn. Fair enough....I am not complaining at all...its shopping and time with one of my favourite girls!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Our October Day 20 - My Book of the Moment

This is a place of sanctuary at the moment. Its especially lovely when the house is quiet...which you can imagine is not very often when there is 10 kids in the house. Doesn't this look comfy? I tell you it is.....we are living with someone who seems to collect cushions and I am definitely not complaining.

The book that I am reading when I get half a chance at the moment is seriously so good and so challenging. I am really loving it.  A cool story behind this book. I took the kids to the skate park on Sunday afternoon and came back with this book.  I saw a someone that I knew sitting in the car watching his kids and he gave me the book to read after I commented on it sitting on the passenger seat.

Seeing we are in the midst of a huge growth in faith I am finding this really uplifting and encouraging and even a little challenging. Phil Pringle is an excellent writer and speaker and I always get something good at of whatever I read of his or hear him speak. So far I highly recommend it!

I am not feeling the best at the moment so I think it might be a 'bed early' kind of night.   Here is to tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Our October Day 19 - Apply Within

Does anyone else feel like they need their own personal PA?  From time to time I feel like I am running here there and everywhere and trying to remember this that and the next thing. I can see why people have PAs. I want one.  I wonder which one of my kids I could train to take the job?  When my sister got married 11 years back, she had the best Maid of Honor EVER!! Seriously she was amazing! I remember telling her that she should hire herself out as a professional Maid-of-Honor.  She had a clip board that she carried around with her and on it she had recorded everyone's appointments and movements for the week and in due course would remind whoever when and where they were suppose to be. So I want one of those! A PA/Maid-of-Honor!  They would have to do be able to do the job for free though....well maybe the odd coffee, chocolate or side of fries every now and then.   Anyone??

Just a wee short one tonight....I am tired, my brain is tired and plus my husband is eating all the chips without me.

I'll leave you with this cutie.....she found this hat this morning and didn't take it off until hours later. it was her Yehaa hat!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Our October Day 18 - God Whispers

I read a book once called The Power of a Whisper by Bill Hybels....I thoroughly recommend it as it will certainly challenge you about listening for the whisper of God. Ever since I read it I have not only been blessed beyond belief and blown away from the times that I did listen and act on a God whisper to kicking myself in regret when I didn't.  Like the time I picked up an egg to use in baking and felt God say.....crack it in a separate bowl it may be rotten....I have never thought that before nor did I have any reason to think it....I didn't listen or act instead I cracked it into a bowl full of creamed butter and guess what it was rotten! Oh the stink!

So I am learning that its best to act on whatever God might be whispering in your 'ear' to do. Now as I tell this story please hear my heart...I am not trying to blow my own trumpet but to merely illustrate how much acting on a God whisper can make a difference.

One of my Loving Arms mums rang me this afternoon and asked if I would like to come and meet her baby at the local birth centre...of course I jumped at the chance. Driving on the way there I felt God told me to "go buy and take her some flowers". Again this is not something I normally do, going around buying flowers for people let alone one of our Loving Arms mums but I was like 'ok' and had an instant thought about where I was to buy them from.  But after my first thought I was like...nah they might be expensive I'll get them from somewhere else...but God had another word for me on that and so I just bought them from that first place that popped into my head.....a funky little shop called The Bird Cage. Now I bought a cute little posy of pink and white flowers.....I don't go bananas over flowers but I thought they were nice.

So when I met up with mum I gave her a hug and presented the flowers to her saying "These are for you....congratulations brave mama!"  She was so unbelievable over the moon and gobsmacked. She told all her family about them because she was so excited. No one had every brought her flowers before...she was really touched. This seemingly very small act opened up the doors for good and real conversation between not only her and I, but between her family and me. She opened up about her life, some of her struggles and her fears. She was a real sweetie.

Just a mere act of obedience, a mere act of kindness can truly change the course of someones moment, day, week or perhaps even a lifetime. In the grand scheme of things it was just a small cost on my part for a huge blessing for someone else, someone that would never be able to 'pay me back', someone who needed just a little bit of kindness and beauty in their day. Seeing her joy, being able to hear her heart and seeing how much she was in love with her baby was my pay off...and thats all I needed.

So the next time you feel like God whispers something to you...perhaps a thought to ring or text someone, perhaps to crack an egg in a separate cup before use, perhaps to take someone a cake or perhaps buy someone a could be anything. I encourage you to stop, listen, act....don't think about the cost, the inconvenience, finding the cheapest option or any other reason why not...just do it. You will be your life gets all the more unpredictable and very exciting!!

So Eli told Samuel, "Go and lie down, and if he calls you, say, 'Speak, LORD, for your servant is listening.'" So Samuel went and lay down in his place. - 1 Samuel 3:9