Sunday, December 4, 2016

Documenting December Day 5 - The Big 4 Years!

Our youngest wee man turned four today!  And boy was he excited and why wouldn't he be.....its not everyday you have a birthday and get a whole day dedicated to having fun.   Everything that we did today was Jesse's favourite things to do. Scooters, Cocoa Pops, toys, Xbox, skatepark, swimming pools, food, cake and pizza in the park....what a day!

I would not describe our Jesse as quiet and predictable....more like loud and in your face BUT only when he gets to know you. Before that he will hide and watch from a distance. He has the most sensitive ears ever....will block them for the weirdest things a motorbike going past to flushing of the toilet. He is super fixated on trucks, diggers and tractors.  The child that was born upside down underneath fairy lights and the glow of the Christmas tree. Jesse is a real joy germ and has the craziest sense of humor and runs everywhere. He is always asking us if we are happy and closes his day by saying "Best Teams Mum" or "Best Teams Dad".  He love love loves to 'huggle' and would do so all night if he could. light up our world, keep us on our toes, make us laugh and melts our hearts....every single day! We are blessed.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Documenting December Day 4 - A Home

Well even though that we have known for a wee while now...I can FINALLY share our exciting news with you all....WE HAVE A HOME!  Yep we have signed all the proper paper work and have a moving day which is this coming Thursday the 8th of December. We are all very excited as you can imagine.

A beautiful story about this house and how it came to be ours. We had made a list of everything we needed and wanted in a house, then committed it before God and continued to thank God for his provision.  Many of you know that we were without a house right up until the day we moved out in mid September and ended up spending three week in Jamie's brothers house. When three weeks was up we were again without a house and very VERY kind friends offered up a bed (well nine actually) in their house....the day we were moving out of the first temporary house we got a call from an acquaintance saying that she had been praying for us and that she felt to ring a friend of hers and ask her about her rentals....and low and behold her friend had a house...AND the other cool thing is that it was on the very street that Jamie and I used to walk down and would comment "This is a nice would be nice to live on here"! Fancy that!

Yes its been a long time coming....slightly over two month but today is was made official.  We have plenty of space with 6 bedrooms, two and half lounges, two bathroom and three toilets. I may just lose some kids!

Thank you all who have been praying for us during this part of our journey.....They have been felt. Praise God indeed.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Documenting December Day 3 - Christmas Shopping

This is the sight post-Christmas shopping. Just a nice relaxed afternoon with a spot of cards and colouring in.  We decided to be brave and venture into the city with ALL seven kids.  Yes I know...I heard you all have a sharp intake of breath.  BUT it actually went incredibly well....I think if you have no expectation of the outing at all then you aren't going to be disappointed or get stressed.  So we only achieved maybe 50 percent of what we needed to but thats OK we still have time to sort it. Christmas is still 22 sleep away.

Shopping with all the kids is not something we do very often so taking them into the city and into a busy mall decorated with evergreens, twinkling lights and shiny baubles and filled with harassed Christmas shoppers ....well you can imagine it can't you.   They were in awe and also very well behaved (surprisingly).   Although Jesse couldn't quite understand why he couldn't just keep popping things that he took a fancy to into the shopping basket.

So big tick from me...on a successful family trip to the city....for a spot of Christmas shopping.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Documenting December Day 2 - A Birthday

This guy. Happy Birthday to this guy! I can't tell you how super duper special he is....very proud and very blessed to be doing life with him....even if its been a roller coaster ride. We are blessed. So very blessed. He is amazing husband, fabulous father and an awesome friend. I have had the privilege to be able to watch and listen first-hand to his growth in God and witness him stepping into what God has called him to.

Now isn't he one hot preacher hubby??

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Documenting December Day 1 - Here We Are Again

So its official today is a milestone...I have been blogging everyday for an entire year. Yes I started this journey Documenting my December and haven't stopped since.  It is my goal to blog everyday for an entire year and now I have done it BUT rest assured I will not leave you hanging I will continue everyday until the end of the calendar year...because that would make it nice and tidy wouldn't it plus apparently their are some of you who enjoy reading what me and my crazy family are up to.  I will revisit the frequency of my blogs in the new year as it has been a bit of a mission at times to get one out every single day not to mention thinking of what to write about some days.

Advent starts today...and while I had romantic ideas of what that would look like for us this year...none of them came to fruition BUT we have remain in true tradition for at least a little bit.  The kids all receive their Christmas Advent Calendars today. Yes even the big kids.....well it just wouldn't be Christmas would it.

Next year I am determine to be in a better place and more organised.  Have you started a tradition yet?
Do you have advent calendars?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November's Notes Day 30 - Planning

Hands up who else has a planner for next year!?  I have three or four things already marked in my diary for next year...I don't know whether to laugh or cry.  Part of me want to let 2016 run its course and finish. The other part of me wants 2017 to hurry up and arrive. Its 50/50 at the moment and what won will win out depends entirely on how I am feeling at the moment.

What about you? How has 2016 been for you?  I said at a recent event that I was sharing at that if I thought 2015 was bad well 2016 was a whole other ball game.  2016 has not been terribly kind to me.

But here we are barreling towards the end of it and I will be holding my breath to see where and what 2017 will bring us.

Have you got plans in your diary already for the up and coming year?  How are you feeling about 2017? Exciting? or just Meh?

Monday, November 28, 2016

November's Notes Day 29 - Gearing Up for Christmas

Searching through some photos for inspiration of what to write tonight and I found this. I think it was sent to me from a friend in Germany.....doesn't ooze Christmas-ness.  Its only two days until the beginning of December which is usually the beginning of our advent family activities.  I best be getting the kids some of those advent Christmas Calendars....any excuse for chocolate in the morning ah?

We are trucking along with Christmas shopping and feeling a little more organised in that sense than we usually are.  So I am very pleased about that. The kids have done the draw to see who is buying for who already and have been given strict instructions to get their thinking caps on.

I spent some time down at Loving Arms HQ today...sorting and putting away stock and clothes and having a clean out. Its getting a pretty tight fit in there even though we have help out four mums this week and I was able to move on a couple of the bigger items today.  Just a few more boxes of clothes to put away and larger items to find a spot for.   Anyone want a highchair??  Change table??  Please....